Monday, 24 November 2014

Double Check It

Hello guys. I'm actually wearing jeans in these outfit pictures, shock horror. After having to go out about 5 times a week after school to various things I guess I've finally gotten used to opting to the comfy jeans... plus people get a but judgemental when I dress like my very unusual self so I opt for being more normal than usual. That being said it's still not that bog standard. And in my free time I definitely still dress like the weirdo I am.
This is definitely one of my more normal looks. 
I love the light this time of year, always golden and pretty. Except when you're trying to take photos of yourself it's very difficult to get quite right (I have a lot of photos with a washed out face). And the light doesn't last nearly long enough for me and all my ridiculous evening activities. But I'm still managing to take photos for my beloved blog, still going! Quite impressed I am, though I think 2 posts a week is the maximum I can manage at the moment, school is craaazy. Though I am on instagram a lot if you are interested in my daily happenings and photos and stuffs.

Hat - H&M// Jumper - Urban Outfitters// Shirt - Rowfers in Afflecks Palace// Coat - Car Boot Sale// Jeans - Grin// Boots - Car Boot Sale//
Yes I'm very aware that one of the collar bits from my jacket is up in all these photos. It was completely accidental but I think it kind of works. Still v impressed it only cost me £1. And bitchface is alive and well in some of these photos; oops.
My new love afairs this autumn are definitely anything fluffy; the colour burgundy; plaid/tartan; boots; big coats; and capes (though sadly I own 0 capes). There's probably more to that list but that's what I can think of at the moment, if you see anything cute of any of those things let me know, I will be very grateful. especially if you find a beautiful cape... or over the knee boots for people with miniature ankles.
Definitely babbling a bit here now so I shall be off and let you get on with your day, adios. Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to let me know your fave things from this autumn in the comments :)

Sunday, 16 November 2014

There is a Light

Hey guys, sorry it's been a while again. I had chickenpox and it kind of took it out of me a bit, and I then had lots of school stuff to catch up on. Busy busy as usual. But I do have this post, which I took before going to see Johnny Marr a couple of weeks back (which was an amazing night). 
For some reason whenever I'm on steps I have to do jumping pictures, they're way too much and you get so many hilariously unattractive pictures that I can't not.
Also, I fiinally have a new phone, which means that I have a phone that can upload to instagram. Which means I'm on instagram a lot more! I'm so very happy about it, I love taking photos and trying to put photos I took with my camrea on was kind of ridiculous. So follow me there to keep up to date with me even when I sometimes fail to post on the blog (oops).

Shirt - Vintage// Boots - Carboot// Bag - LYDC London @ Amazon//

So yeah, be prepared for even more jumping photos and random bits of experimental photography. Thank you for reading and hopefully I will be back with another post pretty soon. Have a good one!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

October Outfit Faves

Hey guys, I've been meaning to make this a monthly post for the last few months but I've never gotten round to it. But seeing as I have chickenpox at the moment and only one other outfit post to post I think now is the perfect time to start it! I might also do a shoe collection post soon because I've been meaning to do that too; productive things do come from being ill. 
So I'm gonna show you come of my favourite outfits from some of my favourite blogs of the month of October.

 Cruel Intentions- Feral Creature (from her Collection for Glamistree)
Definitely chosen some of my fave bloggers here. Bit of a witchy vibe, but hey it was October (though witchy vibes are a good thing all year round). I was going to write a bit about why I love each blogger and their outfit underneath each outfit but I'd end up blabbing on forever about how much I love them/their outfit and you guys can form your own opinions I think. Though if people want me to, I will share my thoughts when I do next month.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Learn to love again

Sorry for the delay in posts, school has been busy busy. Today's photo taking was a very interesting experience. I always seem to attract cats when I'm out taking photo and today it ended up with one on either side of my tripod meowing at each other. Pretty cute, and one of the cats was reaaally pretty but as I was stroking one, and he was purring away, he decided to bite me; and then continued to putt and my and demand to be stroked more. Then a dog came along and they both left. It was really, really odd.
I also seem to be completely obsessed with any music with a disco beat and the moment, I keep listening to really strange remixes of songs; I  doneed to find more though so feel free to recommend. Oh and a lot of other random technoish stuff like Porter Robinson. The title is from a Pentatonix song, I don't usually go for archapello groups but some of their own stuff is super cool. I was really stuck for a title but I was listening to that song on repeat all last week and it's pretty coool.

Shirt - Asda// Corset Jeans c/o Dress Kode// Boots - Dr. Martens// Necklace - BornPretty
Aren't these jeans cool? They're corseted at the top which basically makes them super high waisted jeans and I am a lover of anything high waisted so these are perfection.
I look so super serious in all these photos, it's pretty funny because I have a lot of bloopers from this post and I look the exact opposite. My camera was running out of battery when I was taking these though so I'm very impressed I managed to get quite a few good shots before it ran out. I have a few posts lined up so I shouldn't be leaving out for as long as I have since my last post.
Thanks for reading!
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